Sunderland Samba FC is a community football club in Sunderland providing football, volunteering, coaching, youth work and international exchange opportunities. We build positive relationships with young people alongside training and mentoring in order that they might be a positive influence with their peers and in the local community.

We are increasingly a youth led organisation where the young people we work with have a voice in the decision making processes and enable us to be more relevant and responsive to the needs of local young people. Through this ongoing work facilitated by volunteers we are developing a variety of new opportunities for young people from a variety of backgrounds transforming their lives in very real ways.

Aims and Objectives:

Sunderland Samba FC has grown from small beginnings into a friendly club aimed at bringing people together to play football and share experiences.

1. Encourage reflection on life’s meaning and purpose through sharing experience and understanding;
2. Bring different people together to learn and understand each other;
3. Give the opportunity to be part of a team especially to those who might not otherwise do so;